Why PM Modi Should Be Re-elected?


The top reason for wanting Modi to be re-elected is that there is no other leader who seems to have a clear vision for the nation. I mean, at the India Today Conclave , he has declared that he has a plan for the country till 2049.On the other hand Rahul’s leadership of Congress can be seen suffering from absence of a real leader, without a clear mission or vision for the nation and poor team building with Congress Jodo Yatra ending up more like Congress Chodo Yatra, not to mention failure in implementation of their plans.

Sadly, the other parties in the opposition, are also, no where near BJP as an alternative to consider to hand over the reins of control , of our nation. This is because of dynasty politics, corruption and lack of vision. The only thing bringing them together is agreeing on “Modi Hatao, Parivar Bachao”. The regional satraps and left cabal are seen desperately trying to save their own skin or symbol, blaming the Enforcement Directorate, for putting corrupt politicians behind the bars.  This opposition looks less like saviours and more like the gang of Ali Baba and Forty Thieves! To an Indian who would have liked a strong opposition just for checks and balances, the opposition has been disappointing because it lacks both integrity and integration.

Over the last 10 years, PM Modi has given more than a hundred reasons to bring him back. I will mention a few important ones here. Financial inclusion increased dramatically by connecting citizens to adhaar and not stopping there, to bank account and phones. This made for easy direct transfer of subsidies and UPI payment. The easy and affordable internet access and mobile penetration rising from 15% to 48% of our country has laid the foundation of Digital India and made room for an aspirational India with dreams to scale the heights. You can see the change metaphorically in the doubling of people choosing to fly instead of a less expensive mode of travel.

Before Modi, we would hear of schemes but the benefits would only reach the coterie of people hanging around the politicians in power. Today we have seen how people we know are receiving houses, gas connections, water, electricity and health insurance with Rupees 5 lakh coverage etc regardless of their political affiliations or religion.110 million new gas connections, 470 million bank accounts, 220 million health insurance beneficiaries (2023) just putting out a few numbers to see the sheer reach and impact on ordinary citizens lives. Basic food requirements are also being provided as free ration. This support for food and medicine has left even the poor with some money in hand which was not the case earlier. India has always been a welfare state but under Modi we have seen a perceptible acceleration of speed and scale in government services reaching people and tangible benefits experienced.

Number of airports doubled since 2014, even seaports, capacity, has been doubled (2023). New roads, highways, bypasses, bridges, metros, trains, railway stations and airports and IIT, AIIMS are coming up before our very eyes. That means that we have taken advantage of and experienced the benefit in our lives and livelihood. The infrastructure development and connectivity is continuously working at bridging the usual urban, rural divide and is successful to a very big extent. So tell me, why would anyone want to put a hurdle in the pace of growth and bring down the speed of decisions and implementation by giving power to a ragtag group of people who have traditionally fought each other.

India’s per capita income has gone from 86000 rupees in 2014 to 172 000 rupees 2023. It has doubled and a big reason for that is the falling inflation from more than 8% percent 9 years back to less than 6% today. The economy is in good hands rising in the world index despite every challenge. The foreign direct investment is at its highest level, foreign trade is at its highest level. This ladies and gentlemen is at a time when majority of the world is facing a global cost of living crisis because of Covid and Wars.

As an ordinary citizen I can say, I am glad my PM knew what to do to handle ,the fuel ,the food , the health and economic crisis, that caught other countries, by surprise. In the last two tenures, he has only bettered his performance whether its about delivering on promises made to the people or security of the nation. The recent daring rescue of ships from pirates by the Indian Navy, is not just the latest demo of power by Indian defence forces, it gives confidence that we are ready for new and continuously changing challenges on the security front.

Modi government distributed  24 Crore free vaccines to 100 countries during Covid, helped Sri Lanka recover from its economic crisis with assistance worth 4 Billion dollars  and gave the African Union, a representation in the G20 now G21. With the war in the middle-east and US oil sources depleted, it’s India that has helped prevent monopoly and sharp rise in oil prices by keeping Russian oil in circulation. Many believe that Modi can help Russia and Ukraine reach a peace deal.

World over, India is held in high esteem and considered a friend and trusted partner. The only alternative to a belligerent China. In fact, India has emerged as leader of the Global South and Modi is the go to problem solver for the world. This has helped us rescue stranded Indian citizens when they are stuck in a hotspot and boosted our more self-respect and pride in our nation more than ever before. This rise in self-respect and pride is felt here and can be seen in our people working abroad can be seen among people of Indian origin settled abroad during his visits to foreign countries.

Yes to Women’s Reservation, Yes to First Tribal Woman President. Yes to a new Indian Criminal Code , No to Triple Talaq, No to Article 370, No to Most Favored Nation Status in trade for Pakistan, No to US and Europe on Russian Oil. No to dynasty politics and No to Corruption in the country. We finally have a leader who does not bow under vote bank pressure , can say YES or NO without fear or favour and also acts quickly and decisively. What more can we ask for ????? That is why we need Modi, back again, as PM, for next term….. because Modi has built that trust with Indian citizens ,that he will put the NATION FIRST, that he will work day and night, without a day’s holiday, for the betterment of the nation and fulfilling the dreams of ordinary citizens.


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